Monday, July 18, 2011

Thomas K's Feedback

I am just now starting to retire the Greenyarn socks that I bought some time in the first half of 2010 - I have used them nearly on a daily (!) basis - I have clearly managed to rotate through the stock on a consistent basis since all socks have started to wear through the heal nearly at the same time.

The first one to go was the pair with the red pullstrap - I only bought one of that pair and I think it was too easy to grab that in my sock drawer. The 5 or so "anonymous" black and grey pairs have evidently gotten equal use, they are all "dying" now. Only the heal though, otherwise fully serviceable - nice and stretchy.

It probably helps that we rarely use a dryer, nearly always hang outside to dry.

I am thinking about writing a piece on these socks for the publication I work for - we focus on total cost of ownership versus price, and I thought this would be a good story.

I'm off to buy some new socks - hoping to see that you have an all-black line!

I just bought another 6 - but I am a heavy and frequent user - the typical store socks - so called "premium" - would normally last a few weeks.

I suspect that I bought mine in the spring of 2010 - so they survived 1.5 years of my fairly extreme use.


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