Monday, August 17, 2015

HW Kuah's Feedback

Race - Knee High Compression Socks Feedback

Hey bro

Thanks. I gave them a try today, when I did my 50km milestone run, at ultra pace (that is, such that after 50km, I can still go on). Me screwing up my salt and carbo intake aside, this is a good pair.

But I prefer the type without the socks part - those that are in a tube form, get what I mean. The reason is that I wear toe-socks or finger-socks for blister prevention and so having the socks part of the compression socks limits my choice.

Even if I don't opt for finger-socks, detaching the socks and the compression calf-part allows me to take off my socks easily to apply or re-apply vaseline or lubricant. I found myself having to peel off the whole ensemble and after running 45km in the hot sun, this can cause cramps in the stomache :)

Anyway, people who use conventional socks will choose this product. Thank you!

- Harn Wei
(top-5 ultra-endurance triathletes in the world)

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