Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Kulwant B's Feedback

I think the philosophy around your products which i feel is is very well
thought out and like the fact that you also care about the environment and
produce these products in this spirit, taking into consideration crucial
sustainability issues. I think the Greenyarn Foundation when established
will do some good work!

Also i like the fact you have included scientific reports and articles for
information, it would be great to have some pictures of production too.

Moist + Facial Mask
I really liked this facial mask Robin. I have sensitive and difficult skin
but wanted to use the product and was pleasantly surprised that i had no
reaction whatsoever which is a small miracle for me! Also it managed to get
rid of a rather heavy headache in the 15 mins i had on my face. I wanted to
tell you that from my perspective the benefits are not only for the skin but
maybe also as a relaxant and de-stresser. The only thing that i was confused
with was not being sure that after i removed the mask, there was nothing on
the "directions" to say whether i needed to wash off, i didn't wash off as
i loved the serum so much i just let it absorb and my skin feels good for

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