Friday, July 07, 2006

Stephen F.'s Feedback

Comments from a Greenyarn customer.


Alright. I have been wearing the gray socks now for over a week.
I am very impressed. Far better than any Foxriver, Wigwam, speciality store

Right out of the package I wore them disregarding the note about waxed
seams. They fit very well. One thing I hate about socks is when they
fall off the calves and bunch up, leaving one with leg warmers. This isn't
the 80s even if it was.. I don't like it. To have a nice tight fit in need
of only occasional adjustment does wonders for fit and comfort.

In all weathers they work well. I have worn them in sneakers (New
Balance) and my work boots (Garmont's, 6" Gore Tex). In both shoes the socks are
extremely comfrotable. Only once in the work boots on a cold wet, windy
day (on Cape weather is never like they forecast) did my feet feel cold,
clamy. Perhaps there is a warmer Greenyarn sock for this condition?

Every time though I took the footwear off, the feet were nice and dry.
It was amazing.

Have washed them once, let hang dry.

When I am done wearing them I turn them inside out and let hang in a
locker at work.

In rain, wind, warm with sneakers or boots after short time and many
hours on my feet over the course of a day in class or a day on the golf
course the socks were great! No odors, comfy and dry.

The Greenyarn logo on the side, while nice, is already starting to peel
off around the extreme edges. Perhaps a screenprinting or smaller logo or
better adhesion would do the trick?

I am waiting to use the insoles on a new pair of boots or sneakers. I
don't want to cut them to fit for my aged shoes. I look forward to using them
as I pronate a good amount and do not wear orthodics. Just this past month I
have begun running more. So a good time to test them soon! I will keep you
informed when I do.

About running, too, are there lower cut socks you make? A footie or
more athletic sock? I would love that.

Thank you so much. Great socks. You did well. I wish you and the
socks great success; they certainly deserve it.

If anymore I can do, any more input, questions/answers.. let me know!
Would be glad to help.


Stephen F.

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