Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ralph P's Feedback

Just got my 3 prs. of socks yesterday...They are amazingly
comfortable, feel smooth and tight without binding, and
"hold up" all day.

What's the best way to wash and dry them?

Will they dry overnight in a hotel room?
There is actually no special washing instructions for these socks. The only
instruction is not to use bleach.

For for general sock care. To make your socks last longer, socks should be
handwashed or machine washed in warm water.
Socks should not be throw in a dryer, as the heat the wear out the elasticity
of the socks faster.
Socks should not be wringed dry, they should be squeezed dry.

The socks dry pretty fast too. The socks were tested outdoors during a camping
trip, and they were washed in the stream at night and were dry by morning, so I
would assume they would be dry in hotels overnights too.

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