Monday, October 23, 2017

Liana R's Feedback

Wanted to tell you that the women's bikini bottoms retains its shape well and didn't shift during sports. Good stuph!


Adel R's Feedback

I still use the socks I bought 2 years ago, honestly, they're the best pair of socks I've used in my life!


Monday, August 17, 2015

HW Kuah's Feedback

Race - Knee High Compression Socks Feedback

Hey bro

Thanks. I gave them a try today, when I did my 50km milestone run, at ultra pace (that is, such that after 50km, I can still go on). Me screwing up my salt and carbo intake aside, this is a good pair.

But I prefer the type without the socks part - those that are in a tube form, get what I mean. The reason is that I wear toe-socks or finger-socks for blister prevention and so having the socks part of the compression socks limits my choice.

Even if I don't opt for finger-socks, detaching the socks and the compression calf-part allows me to take off my socks easily to apply or re-apply vaseline or lubricant. I found myself having to peel off the whole ensemble and after running 45km in the hot sun, this can cause cramps in the stomache :)

Anyway, people who use conventional socks will choose this product. Thank you!

- Harn Wei
(top-5 ultra-endurance triathletes in the world)

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Daniel L's Feedback

The Gel Kneeguards

Both my wife and myself tried this during our trip to KK climb, and we both like it very much. Really comfortable.

Daniel L

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jeff B's Feedback

Loved the socks I ordered last month. I've never tried such amazing socks before. Sole-R was the best socks I've ever owned for running and they worked brilliantly. My feet were odor free. Did not think much before, but I could not wear regular socks anymore!

Mayheim was also the best crew socks I ever wore! It feels thick but it was not hot at all. Somehow the knitting makes my feet feel dry and cushioned. Great quality, much recommended.

The Greenfeet 3 insoles took a few tries to get used to, but I do really like the support they give to my flat feet. I can walk much further and my feet hurt a lot less now. The carbon fiber rigid arches really work. They are light and give spring in every step.

One thing I don't get is -- who comes out with the names??

-- Jeff

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John O's Feedback

The Mayheim long socks are amazing, as always. The embroidered logo is fantastic. All of the other socks I received though---the glued on logo came off within 1-2 wash cycles. I keep wearing them but I'm left with a visually displeasing adhesive on each sock that will not come off no matter what I try. This is an issue as I'm in medicine and my socks show often from my scrubs while sitting or when I'm at the gym-it's clearly visible. Just wanted to share this with you as I'm sure you're aware of this manufacturing flaw. They would be much better monogrammed like the Mayheim socks.

Thanks -John

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Daphne L's Feedback

hey! i like the masks. wanna order some more from you!

-- Daphne


Gopal K's Feedback

The Greenfeet 3 Carbon Fiber insoles feel great!

I can now wear my favorite canvas shoes to walk around and I feel taller too!

-- Gopal


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Derrick S. Feedback

I wear the carbon fiber insoles a lot now i wore them in my gymshoes. .and i wear them in my work shoes now..the socks are awesome.

-- Derrick

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Diane T's Feedback


Just want to drop you some feedback on the socks, I still need to try the insoles more. The socks work great for walks, very comfortable and feels cushioned. Not so for running as the outside texture is too smooth and feels slippery in the shoes.

Thanks again and be safe.

-- Diane

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