Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jeff B's Feedback

Loved the socks I ordered last month. I've never tried such amazing socks before. Sole-R was the best socks I've ever owned for running and they worked brilliantly. My feet were odor free. Did not think much before, but I could not wear regular socks anymore!

Mayheim was also the best crew socks I ever wore! It feels thick but it was not hot at all. Somehow the knitting makes my feet feel dry and cushioned. Great quality, much recommended.

The Greenfeet 3 insoles took a few tries to get used to, but I do really like the support they give to my flat feet. I can walk much further and my feet hurt a lot less now. The carbon fiber rigid arches really work. They are light and give spring in every step.

One thing I don't get is -- who comes out with the names??

-- Jeff

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John O's Feedback

The Mayheim long socks are amazing, as always. The embroidered logo is fantastic. All of the other socks I received though---the glued on logo came off within 1-2 wash cycles. I keep wearing them but I'm left with a visually displeasing adhesive on each sock that will not come off no matter what I try. This is an issue as I'm in medicine and my socks show often from my scrubs while sitting or when I'm at the gym-it's clearly visible. Just wanted to share this with you as I'm sure you're aware of this manufacturing flaw. They would be much better monogrammed like the Mayheim socks.

Thanks -John

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