Monday, April 05, 2010

Greenyarn Socks Reviews at Viewpoints

Eco-friendly socks that absorb moisture and odor and feel great!

Greenyarn Short Socks — Quick View: I am a fan of Greenyarn products and love their Yoga socks (See that review). I recently tried their Greenyarn Short Socks which are ankle length socks. These eco-friendly socks are a cut above regular socks in many ways. They have a variety of color combinations, absorb odor and wetness, and are cushioned for comfort.
Greenyarn Short Socks - Why They're Better Than Other Socks

These socks come in several color combinations and are unisex. They have full cushion sole support which makes every step less jarring on the feet and knees. They have reinforced heels and toes and have arch support with a band around the middle of the foot. But the real advantage to these socks is that they contain bamboo charcoal particles. Charcoal is a natural odor and wetness absorber and, although you can't see the charcoal, it is very there. Working out can make people's feet sweat and odor is usually not far behind. These socks literally wick away both to keep feet fresh and dry no matter how hard you work out or how hot your feet get. These socks aren't too thick and don't interfere with the way my athletic shoes fit. They are thin yet supportive and a heck of a lot more attractive than the picture shows. They cling well with no bagging and slouching and the colored tops are elasticized to grip the ankle without pinching or leaving ridges in the skin. These are excellent socks for anyone on their feet a lot or who works out and wants to avoid moisture and odor. I love mine!

My Viewpoint

Greenyarn Short Socks are a great alternative to cheap low cut socks. They work overtime wicking odor and wetness and are cushioned so every step is less jarring. They are great for wearing with athletic shoes or hiking hoots and they hold up very well. My socks have been worn several times and they look as good as new and continue to make my feet feel better. They a bit pricey but they are worth it, even if you just wear them to workout or when you are on your feet a lot. They will make a difference in how your feet feel after a hard workout or a long day. I have go with 5 stars. These are incredible socks that are super eco friendly.

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