Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Julianer A's Feedback

I bought some and they are definitely much better quality than the other facial masks in the market.

My face feel softer and more radiant now after using them, and I must admit, they really work!

Angela W's Feedback

I have used may different facial mask and I must say that the Moist+ Facial masks feel the best. I tried SK-II, and though more expensive, they are not much better than the Moist+ Facial Masks.

The other cheap facial masks are all junk, they are just cotton with fragrant water. Let me know if you have other beauty products, I'd love to try them!

Adan D's Feedback

The socks are simply great! I am a postal worker and I'm on my feet all day, and my feet no longer feel tired after using these socks.

They fit well and are the best socks ever!

Dave K's Feedback

The socks feel snug and they fit really well. Though it feel a little thick, it does not bunch up even with prolonged wearing and use. I really like them. Thanks!

Sophie R's Feedback

The socks are just amazing, I can't believe the cushion I got from these socks. They feel comfortable all day and they do not make my feet smell even after 12 hours in my boots!

I can't go back to my normal socks and I 'm definitely going to buy more.

Maxine S's Feedback

The socks that you sent to me were great! My boyfriend is the one with
diabetes and he is said that they felt very good and were "cushiony" on the
bottom. We will definately keep your store in mind next time he needs to buy

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